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About Datnoid

Our mission

Cryptocurrencies are a new unique type of asset that is very complex and difficult to grasp. We’ve seen many teams building sites and apps in this space that focuses solely on price, but we believe there is much more to it all than price charts and market capitalization. We wanted to build a better way to empower people to learn and understand this new technology. Datnoid is a community of people helping each other, not marketers trying to find pump and dump victims. Someone can share their knowledge of a coin they are passionate about and also learn from the community on the ones where they're not as knowledgeable.

Our philosophies

It should be easy to navigate and use Datnoid. Usability and design are very important considerations we take into account for each feature we add to Datnoid. Instead of looking in several different places we provide a comprehensive summary, saving you time. Everyone should have the ability to read the opinions of experts in the community without having to be an expert yourself. We want Datnoid to be the best place to learn about digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

We’re still in the early stages of building Datnoid and would love to hear feedback from the community.Thanks for trying us out.